Children in Need


As you will be aware a small group of us have recently been pestering those of you that were not attending the Children In Need Devon Sparathon for sponsorship…

Well it paid off!! As between the clubs involved in the Devon and Cornwall wide event a massive £4000 was raised that day for charity!!!

That really is a fantastic result for all, be it for those who sponsored friends to those that gave up their Sunday to get bumped ‘n’ bruised in the full day of sparring.

In case you didn’t realise it was simply a case of TAGB Southwest members travelling from venue to venue stopping for an hour of sparring. Simple, fun and satisfingly exhausting! The first venue of the day was bright and breezy in South Molton before travelling onto Tiverton, then to Cullompton and so on…

Well done to all of you from around the two counties who made it such a successful day, and a very big thank you to Mr Peter O’Neil and Mr Guy Suthard for all their hard work and time behind the scenes getting us all together for such a great cause.


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