Mr Alec Hay


2014: We had The Man, The ‘Hay-Maker’ back for another session: It gets better each time, not to mention more popular!

Thanks for the pics Jos…

Well there you have it ladies and gents, today was the much anticipated Application of TKD Patterns training session with guest instructor Master Alec Hay.
What did you all think?
Judging by brightness in everyones eyes and enthuasim shown I would say it was a huge success!! Master_Alec_Hay_North_Devon_TKD

Those of you that had never previously had the pleasure of meeting Master Hay will possibly be thinking to yourselves just how approachable he is, well, yes he is. Not only that though but he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he wishes for us all to learn. His aim from these special sessions is to help us go away and open our minds and think about “why do we do that?” and to ask ourselves “what if?”. So, who today went home not thinking those thoughts?

I’m not going to sit and write about each move or each concept we practised, that after all is the knowledge that you who attended now hold, but I will write that I for one greatly appreciated Master Hay spending his day off to travel down to Barnstaple to visit us at North Devon Tae Kwon-Do and I am already looking forwards to planning his return visit.

I would like to give thanks to all of you who attended, also to Landkey Primary School for enabling us hold the event and finally to Master Hay himself, not just for his time and skills but for alternating his ‘attacker’ so not just inflicting pain upon me for every demonstration…


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